Each Sunrise brings a New Day with a Plan for a New Beginning

PETERSON – BICS: Finance Accounting Department Search
Building Leadership Teams for new Acquisitions

A Plan and a Solution for Your New Start

At PETERSON-BICS we specialize in connecting the most talented & productive senior profiles with Leadership Teams of our clients, and we find all levels of talented finance & accounting professionals for their financial organizations.

We recruit for the key leadership roles: CFOs, VPs, COOs, CEOs and Controllerships. We also deliver the brightest Directors across all disciplines. Managers & Senior Staff from the Finance-Accounting candidate market is a core specialty.

We cover the range of specialties including: Business & Strategic Planning, Financial Modeling & Analysis, Internal and External Reporting, Treasury Management, General & Cost Accounting, Taxes, and Auditing. We find leaders specializing in Human Resource management, Operations, Sales & Marketing.

Our unique “Consortium” approach allows us to band a wider network of talent and pipeline the most fitting profiles to you. We ensure delivering superior options because our business model works as a collaboration with some of the most experienced financial recruiters in our region.

Over several decades our topic expertise and talent networks span into many Industry & Commercial Markets: – Commercial or Consumer Services, Financial Services, Captive Management – The Life Sciences, Manufacturing Packaged Goods, Technology, Private Equity Firms, & Holding Companies

Our “Principal” Difference offers Only Advanced Experience

Besides being chosen because of their ethics, quality-conscious philosophies, and ownership roles, the Principals & members of our consortium offer you direct guidance from pros with a stand-apart depth of experience.

PETERSON-BICs works together with an exclusive network of some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

We offer local and national searches with superior expertise at your fingertips.

We believe the depth of experience and guidance found using our Consortium Model is the principle difference which separates our quality of service beyond most others. It departs from the traditional pyramid management model seen in the staffing industry. Their structure often restricts you to find your hiring options from misfitting resumes, often surfaced from recently hired staff, who turnover every 1-2 years and possess minimal topic expertise.

At PETERSON-BICS you get consultation directly from a longstanding successful Practitioner.

Our Services

Serving Accounting & Finance & their HR Departments with Talent Search for Sr. Staff, Management & Leadership roles

Building Stronger Leadership Teams for PE Firms & other Investor Holding Cos. (the Chief & Director levels across all the acquired entity’s departments)

Captive Insurance Industry – US Search for Captive Managers, Financial & Operational Talent

Our Regions and Offices

Providing Regional Search to New England’s Accounting & Finance Depts.

Provide National Search to:
The Captive Insurance Industry
Private Equity Groups & other Investment Holding Firms needing Leadership Talent for their Portfolio companies, new acquisitions or existing entities they operate

Our Process with Employers

Our decades of networks and know how equips us with the strategies and processes to match Talent with Teams.

We listen and want to know your needs to help you meet them.

Speciality Search Services

For over 35 years, our Managing Principal has successfully filled exclusive talent needs from a broad spectrum of disciplines and industries. Candidates for a niche role in a unique business model can be sourced by our team. We have found persons to meet an array of unusual and special requirements.

PETERSON-BICS resources can help match organizations to candidates who possess peerless skill sets.

Our decades of networks and know how equips us with the strategies and processes to fill your most unique roles.