Timeline Stories

Early 2020

Just as Covid-19 began its spread to the US and caused the closings of employment sites across the country, the owner and several of his long-standing colleagues were compelled to help their communities. There was uncertainty about the truths surrounding the virus, the safety of Worksites, and the detection and testing of the COVID – [...]

PETERSON-BICS Re-Opens the Consortium Practice

Providing More Expertise & Depth with Leadership-hires across most major disciplines. A 40-year legacy & forte at finding Talent for New England Finance teams. John Peterson, Managing Principal opens and re-establishes his newest Search Group Practice. This is John’s 5th start-up and successful launch. Involved are some of the most talented Principals he’s built relationships [...]

Venture Profiles Corp. establishes Consortium Offices in NH & at Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA

1991 was when the Consortium business model was fully developed and utilized by our founder to best service his growing portfolio of client companies & applicants. Former colleagues who‘d recently spun-off from a large staffing firm, banned their networks of Financial candidates and client companies’ relationships together, providing more veteran experience and greater sourcing horsepower [...]

Venture Networks Opens & grows to 5 Divisions in Andover, MA

John Peterson & 3 partners start-up a recruiting firm & manage five divisions in Andover, MA. It quickly grew teams in each division to include practices in: IT - Software Engineering – Administration - Finance – Banking The Firm provided both permanent placement and temporary staffing services. This business was eventually sold to a Kforce [...]

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