Just as Covid-19 began its spread to the US and caused the closings of employment sites across the country, the owner and several of his long-standing colleagues were compelled to help their communities.

There was uncertainty about the truths surrounding the virus, the safety of Worksites, and the detection and testing of the COVID – to keep employees safer. Employers needed guidance for safety, specialized cleaning services, and where to go for help with health screening processes for their workers.

A non-profit was promptly created (R.E.A.C.T. / Real Employers Alliance for Covid Testing) to offer free Information & Referrals to HR leadership and other C-level executives.

We connected them with local Covid-related service entities that could help them reopen their worksites safely once the restrictions were lifted. It included testing, tracing, facility disinfecting, medical screening at site entry, and epidemiology consulting for their operations’ workflow and workspace.

It also included their Federal & State legislators’ phone numbers with guidance for advocating & finding financial resources from pandemic assistance which the government began providing.

Late 2021 – The non-profit is disbanded as we saw most US employees get their vaccination & boosters, the diagnostic testing becomes easier to find, and proper worksite safety is introduced to our communities.