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At times, Acquisitions require the Hiring of New Team Leaders to Speed & Sure-up Your Investment

Our firm specializes in upgrading site leadership. We find the talented who’ll aim to loyally protect & grow your new assets faster.

Hello, and best wishes for its future success!

We are a Talent Search firm that focuses on improving the business leadership teams and finance departments at newly acquired entities. Our experience of 40 yrs. across a full variety of industries & with many business models has built our topic expertise and our deep network of relationships with top-quality talent across the New England Region.

A span of four decades offers an unrivaled history where we’ve been assisting executives from parent organizations with a talent search for their widely spread operating sites. We have provided upgrades to Chief, VP, & Director levels roles, and it’s given us that greater insight to an oftentimes sensitive task. We realize the impact of those types of search assignments for those new sites & portfolio add-ons can be a critical matter to the existing employee group and your ultimate EBITDA.

Our customers who are often Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, and other Corporate Holding companies sometimes need a confidential search performed, or a careful & diplomatic approach when dealing with site-level management hires.

We also realize the need to target those leaders who’ll execute the growth strategies that new ownership maps-out, and to secure the profiles who are equipped with the skills & drive to scale-up the growth of the operations. Your hired site leaders also must understand they are accountable to the new parent organization.

Correspondingly, our firm’s added strength at upgrading accounting teams can also be a service to improve the credibility of that department’s reporting, its analytics & the timeliness of deliverables.

We have the resources to introduce to our clients top talent for their newly acquired sites or when it’s time to make important changes at underperforming sites which are identified as needing a leadership upgrade.

Types of Positions We Successfully Target
C-level Roles: CFO & CEO & COO

Senior Leadership Titles/ Functional Leaders include:
VP of Finance, Controllers
VP of Operations, Director of Operations
VP of Sales, VP of Marketing
VP’s, Directors & Managers of Human Resources

Our legacy servicing also includes:
Accounting & Finance Departments – top to bottom

Our philosophy is driven by an aim to provide our clients with insights and topic expertise and multiple options to their talent needs. We recognize that every organization is quite unique in its talent needs & in the processes used to hire the best leadership which fits their operations. We also offer a full menu of service options & pricing from which your organization may choose that which answers your search needs best.

Types of Searches Conducted:

Retained & Contingency / Long Term & Interim Talent

Our straightforward features are where we hope you can realize a gain & see the added value

– We offer flat fees with ceiling-caps to minimize your costs from going over budget.
– Retained pricing is determined by the level of time YOU allot to your searches, i.e., the hrs. per wk. assigned.
– Contingency terms are chosen when less urgency to the search mission is needed; those are allotted a controlled no. of hours.
– If there are concurrent search-projects nearby your location producing similar talent-profiles, discounts can be applied.

Our aim with fees is to be fair and transparent; they are negotiated with our clients’ investment needs in mind.

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