Organizational Levels

PETERSON-BICS supported by our consortium of participating practices provide external searches of Executive, Management, & Senior Staff Level Professionals. We are built to fill key roles and areas of your organization which are listed below.

Financial & other Executive Leadership Roles
(On your sites or at the group & corporate levels)

Your company’s choice for a senior executive role that sits on your Business’ Leadership Team is a critical decision.  These people are hired to help with the strategic planning, your overall business execution, and to monitor the financial vital signs. They’re put in place to ensure the operational efficiencies are at the highest levels, that products and/or services are advancing in your markets, and that human resource needs are there to fill the requirement for your company’s growth.

A compromise on expertise in your top executive or within its leaders of Finance, Operations, or HR departments could result in a costly flaw in the direction of your profits and on the momentum of progress.

Finding the best professional for the job means choosing the right combination of experience, leadership, credentials and personality, all in a profile that fits your organization’s culture.

PETERSON-BICS specializes in helping companies get this result. We’ll identify and contact those preferred candidates and stimulate an interest in your opportunity. After our thorough screening you’ll ultimately choose from a field of some of the finest matched executives who are informed about your company and the important elements of the role.

While we began our first 20 years in practice focused mostly on building Finance Teams, the last 2 decades have concurrently had us involved in leadership searches for Operations, Sales & Marketing, and Human Resource teams.

You can have confidence that when you’re dealing with PETERSON-BICS, you’re getting counsel from the most experienced ranks of New England’s financial recruiting industry. And our decades of network building and Search project versatility makes us well built to find talent across all scales & most industries.  Don’t be satisfied with any agency to help with this critical decision about your next senior management role.

Have your search handled by this region’s leading experts for both your financial team and your site or corporate leadership teams.

Financial Planning Managers & Analysts External & Internal Reporting Specialists

PETERSON-BICS also possess a forte at finding those Managers and Independent Contributors who are experts in the critical reporting areas of your organization.

SEC filings, forecasting, financial planning, budgeting, long range strategic planning, business line profitability…are some of the more popular skill-sets and talent backgrounds we are hired to search by our clients.

These types of profiles that our existing clients request need high-level presentation skills, and their technical abilities get top marks in the class, ensuring the integrity of your numbers.

Captive Management – Accounting & Operational Levels

The current demand from Captive Management Firms and CPA Firm’s across their US offices to hire qualified Industry Specialists for this professional service area is sky-rocketing. Finding talent for your consulting ranks is becoming a critical issue. PETERSON-BICS has developed one of the few specialized National Search Services to help meet this challenge of finding:

Managing Directors for the Captive Domicile Offices – Senior Account Managers – Account & Senior Account Executives – Insurance Officers – Captive Program Managers – Captive Accounting Managers

General Accounting Operations Management & Senior Staff

The general ledger and the sub-ledgers like A/P, A/R, P/R are the most basic operations to nearly every finance organization, no matter what size your company may be. It’s the one place that so many of your important “final numbers” are derived and it’s important to have competent professionals ensuring the integrity of those numbers. If there are special requirements for consolidations or even special needs for specific system skills, we can find the type of employee who’ll do the job well and who can take on new projects for your company in the future.

Payroll Departments

When the Payroll Department needs a key person, it’s urgent. There is critical and confidential information that has to be handled efficiently. Payroll must get processed to keep the minds of your employees on their work, and off the worry of pay check.

Our firm can find you the qualified applicant. If you require special knowledge with Multi-state and Federal Payroll Taxes, benefit issues, or international ex-patriot cases; PETERSON-BICS can find you the talent…PROMPTLY.

Audit Departments

Our clients who operate Public accounting firms know the challenges of finding qualified CPA’s for what is often the primary revenue source for their operations. Those clients who operate internal audit departments also know that same challenge of finding Audit Department Directors & Managers with the right blend of experience. A strong background is needed to lead an operation, which improves the efficiencies and eliminates the wastes so that your company can become a lean competitive player in the markets this new global economy presents.

Tax Departments

Corporate Tax Departments – CPA’s with a specialty in Taxation and expertise in the unique tax issues of your business are employees who can be highly valuable and productive contributors to your financial group while saving you thousands of dollars in taxes, fines or outside professional fees. We can fill the urgent tax vacancies in your department. Public Accounting Firms – being short staffed during a busy season creates costly expenses. Piling-up excessive staff hours. with a team can create unwanted staff burnout, resulting in the loss of great staff who have strong bonds with clients, and even potentially the loss of future revenues. Our value comes in at finding Tax Directors, Managers, or Staff Accountants for your tax department as expeditiously as possible to help maximize your profitability.

Key Members of the Management Team & “The Unique Role”

We’ve accepted and successfully filled positions unique to certain industries. These assignments have involved finding someone with an array of unusual requirements. Our resources are geared towards matching organizations requiring very specific needs with candidates who possess peerless skill sets.

Replacing key members of your management team is often a unsettling project when you must go to an external search. You’re faced with finding a new leading profile who can embrace the philosophy and culture of your company and fit well into the chemistry of the rest of the team. We’ve done especially well finding key & rare Senior Managers for a variety of industries. Our decades of combined experience with numerous industries and our extensive search expertise & versatility make us ready for any such tasks.