More Answers to, “How does this Works Between Recruiters”

You continue to work directly with your own clients under your own business name

Your deal-partner’s company name needs never to be mentioned in the process of the search

No one else gets involved in the process with your client companies but you

You invoice your clients directly under your own business name

Each of us needs to operate and be committed to the values of Collaboration – Fairness – Trust

You discover the members who you can best work with and have faith in

Search partners work out the fair split arrangement with each other – it’s mutually decided on what’s most reasonable in each individual search case

Most will be …..(but not all splits) on a 50/50 or 60/40 basis

You choose who you have as a deal making partners. You’re not required to work with all Consortium members.

We are also looking to develop the resource of a shared Job-Posting Board. It will be a listing exclusively for New England based Finance and Accounting Opportunities

This job board will be designed to get swept by sites like Indeed, and other popular web-combing job-boards to give your posting high exposure

It can provide you with another complimenting stream of candidates.

The Job Board is geared to post your openings and deliver the ad response only to you.

Like other specialized Job Boards or like the economic concept of a shopping mall… it’ll bring more customer traffic to our marketplace

A large set of job listings will also showcase the horsepower of the consortium if you were to link it or embed it to your site

Candidates & new Clients Companies will judge you on the breadth of your search assignments

A Closer Look at the Benefits:

The Consortium is essentially a meeting place to find split-business partners. It’s where you’ll come-across other like-minded Finance Recruiters also interested in making more placements. It will always add to your placement count.

Direct & Practical Assistance from Our Consortium Can Help:

Your Most Placeable Candidates can find additional interviews for jobs with your connections

Uncover a Greater Applicant Pool – Show more-fitting candidates on your Important Client-Companies’ Searches

Manage shorter Candidate-to-Roster time frames and shorter Search-Project time frames to placement-closures

Find More Opportunity to Increase your Deal Production and Your Cash Flow

Discover How Additional Split Business when added to your Current Non-Splits can Increase your Total Revenues

Realize how it can be a Relationship-Saver when your contacts start feeling Impatient about the pace of their activity

We are an alliance which provides our Client Companies and our Client Candidates with better Services and Coverage

Our Collaboration can showcase you with the Horsepower of a very strong and seasoned team .

We are a partnership whose roster includes some of the most experienced Finance Recruiters In New England

It Empowers Us All with that much broader reach into the New England Finance and Accounting Community