The Consortium Model Advantage

PETERSON-BICS works with an exclusive, hand-picked network of some of the most experienced external recruiters in our industry. These members have been chosen because of their commitment to client-centered servicing. High professional ethics, many years in the profession, a desire to remain a hands-on search consultant even as a firm proprietor – is the typical profile amongst our team members.

You’ll be directly working with a knowledgeable Principal who can become your go-to expert about the department’s needs and who’ll know your company’s unique culture. You’ll not experience new faces from the turnover issues often experienced at the big agencies. And you won’t have to restart a relationship and re-educate a new vendor again and again.

You can also discover greater confidence in knowing that our Principal utilizes a larger and more seasoned group on the talent-sourcing side of our operations. That talent sourcing group is made up of firm proprietors; experts who better understand the functionalities of Finance teams and who are highly practiced to target just the right skill-set for your need.

Our consortium approach ensures you get both the hiring guidance and the back-up recruiting horsepower directly from a large group – our consortium Principals – who’ll tap you into their supply-chain network of great talent. All parts of our process will be managed and powered with industry veterans who possess long-term relationships with candidates and who hold a deep base of knowledge of Accounting organizations. We won’t waste your time by working like a resume-factory or pushing non-fit resumes into your process. These are common issues often seen with the high-production / low-touch business model used in the large employment agencies. Instead the results will be:

  • Better talent to add options to your roster of choices – and a set of candidates handle by seasoned recruiters who are also providing candidate-side career guidance on decisions to that employee you want on your team.
  • Our Goal: The candidates we represent need to stand heads and shoulders above your ad response and other choices…and be the much better fit to your organization’s need. We understand that’s at the core of our value proposition to your company.

Below are some highly successful & well-known companies from a variety of Industries who use a collaborative or consortium business model to deliver Best in Class Services & Products to their Customers.

More Info for interested External Recruiters: