“Perfect World” features of the Consortiums jobs

  • The job section and related url’s / pages that my site hosts can list the job postings of all those in the consortium.
  • The section can be accessible for the creation of jobs to be posted by consortium members (and me) with an assigned password & act. ID
  • Resumes submitted by website visitors get sent only to the singular job posting consortium member & also a resume copy is sent to me.
  • The Website Jobs section is specifically designed & structured to be swept by Indeed for the posting to that most popular job board site – see article below.
  • Potentially designed for other sweepings done by other job boards
  • The jobs section can be imbedded to another consortium’s website through a special link…if wanted. The submitted resumes for each job still go only to the consortium member posting that individual job and a copy goes to me.
  • Ideally, have an automatic returned thank you email to a submitted resume.

How To Get Your Indeed Job Posting/Listing Page Seen via Organic Search

It is possible to get a link from Indeed to your own website’s career openings page simply by making your webpage search engine friendly. Indeed.com is constantly on the search for jobs, using engines and prowlers to find ones to add to their site. So if you have a Careers or Jobs section on your website, there is a chance that by using our tips Indeed will pick up your job posting all on its own. Here are some steps you can take to increase the odds that Indeed.com will find and link to your posting/feed:

Have a Clear Job Title

Make sure you have a specific job title clearly spelled out. Put it on its own line, near the top of your listing, and make sure it is in bold so it stands out in some way. If it is jumbled in with everything else, Indeed won’t link to it. Also, be as specific with your job title as possible. If you need help, try Indeed’s Job Title Generator. This tool is super handy because it tells you 3 things: 1. How many job postings are currently out there containing the job title(s) you’re considering 2. How many people are looking for that job title when looking for postings 3. Compares postings per job title for different job titles. All of this information can help you create the best job title possible for your role so that it gets picked up by the Indeed organic search. For example, here is a screenshot of the job titles “Data Scientist” versus “DevOps.” This graph shows you how the orange line, which is DevOps, has exploded in popularity compared to Data Scientist (blue line) jobs.

Include Your Company Name

This seems like a no-brainer, but at times employers list only a contact email or application submission button and never actually include their company name because they figure it is obvious. However, Indeed is looking for listings with company names included, so just take the extra minute and add it in. Bonus: add in a quick summary on your company, like when it was founded and your mission statement.

List One Physical Location with a City and State

Indeed.com is looking for a physical location. Even if your business does not technically have one, put your business’s founding address, P.O box, or something down else down (where do you get your business mail?). Be sure to include only one location, as Indeed does not like multiple locations. Make sure to include a city, state, and zip code.

Give Each Individual Job Its Own Web Page and Unique URL

Indeed.com will not link to pages or job feeds that have more than one job on them. They want to see a custom url that is linked with one specific job posting. So, if you have multiple job postings on your website, create separate url’s for each.  

Make Sure You Have a Job Description

Include a detailed job description, including lots of keywords related to the role and industry. It’s also a good idea to repeat words from your job title whenever you can, without the description seeming stilted. The more keywords that are repeated, the more likely it is that search engines and Indeed will find your listing. Need help writing a great job description? Try our how-to guide.  

Have Some Sort of Submit Button or Application Submission Email Address

Make sure you include clear instructions for how an applicant should conclude the process, whether it is a submit application button, or a phrase like “Send resumes and applications to abccareers@abccompany.com.”