35+ Years of Talent Search: A History of PETERSON-BICS and the Legacy Companies


Early 2020

Just as Covid-19 began its spread to the US and caused the closings of employment sites across the country, the owner and several of his long-standing colleagues were compelled to help their communities.

There was uncertainty about the truths surrounding the virus, the safety of Worksites, and the detection and testing of the COVID – to keep employees safer. Employers needed guidance for safety, specialized cleaning services, and where to go for help with health screening processes for their workers.

A non-profit was promptly created (R.E.A.C.T. / Real Employers Alliance for Covid Testing) to offer free Information & Referrals to HR leadership and other C-level executives.

We connected them with local Covid-related service entities that could help them reopen their worksites safely once the restrictions were lifted. It included testing, tracing, facility disinfecting, medical screening at site entry, and epidemiology consulting for their operations’ workflow and workspace.

It also included their Federal & State legislators’ phone numbers with guidance for advocating & finding financial resources from pandemic assistance which the government began providing.

Late 2021 – The non-profit is disbanded as we saw most US employees get their vaccination & boosters, the diagnostic testing becomes easier to find, and proper worksite safety is introduced to our communities.


PETERSON-BICS Re-Opens the Consortium Practice

Providing More Expertise & Depth with Leadership-hires across most major disciplines.

A 40-year legacy & forte at finding Talent for New England Finance teams.

John Peterson, Managing Principal opens and re-establishes his newest Search Group Practice. This is John’s 5th start-up and successful launch. Involved are some of the most talented Principals he’s built relationships with over the years.

The Practice continues its New England Focus of:

Recruiting for leadership & staff levels in the Accounting and Finance ranks within the Region.

The Practice keeps a National Focus on Talent Search in two core legacy practices:

Site leadership for Private Equity & other similarly built Investment Firms with holdings. Assisting a Portfolio entity, a subsidiary, or a division with Site-hires for Top leadership across all the disciplines at their varied locations. Includes the C-level, VP, & Director levels in Finance, Operations, HR, Sales & Marketing.

Captive Management, Captive Insurance, and Commercial Risk Industries.


Venture Profiles Corp. sells to a NH & MA Staffing firm

Our Managing Principal sells ownership of Venture Profiles Corp., his regional based Accounting & Finance practice with a strong Maine client base to a staffing firm with offices in MA & NH.


Venture Profiles Corp. establishes Consortium Offices in NH & at Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA

1991 was when the Consortium business model was fully developed and utilized by our founder to best service his growing portfolio of client companies & applicants.

Former colleagues who‘d recently spun-off from a large staffing firm, banned their networks of Financial candidates and client companies’ relationships together, providing more veteran experience and greater sourcing horsepower to Finance & Accounting departments in New England and in national search assignments.

The Consortium participants grew in numbers and it allowed for even further deep drilling into large networks of contacts. When client companies & applicants really had to find a sub-specialty or niche job within that broad category of a Finance a discipline, a Consortium of seasoned professionals could meet the need.


Venture Networks Opens & grows to 5 Divisions in Andover, MA

John Peterson & 3 partners start-up a recruiting firm & manage five divisions in Andover, MA. It quickly grew teams in each division to include practices in: IT – Software Engineering – Administration – Finance – Banking

The Firm provided both permanent placement and temporary staffing services. This business was eventually sold to a Kforce legacy company (Source EDP)


John Peterson begins building his Finance Community relationships & establishes his New England based network

Two years later he was helping a New Hampshire based Engineering and IT placement firm expand services. They build a New Accounting & Finance Recruiting Team servicing New England Corporate and Divisional Finance Departments


Founder begins career in Recruiting after graduation servicing the Boston IT Professional Market

36 years ago our Managing Principal started in the Recruiting business by helping a Boston-based staffing service that only placed temporary administrators. He assisted in the opening of a new permanent placement service which placed Information Technology Professionals in the Greater Boston Business communities.

John  Peterson

John Peterson is a 37-year veteran in the New England Recruiting Industry. He and his wife Mary Ann have been married over 35 years. They’ve raised two daughters both successful professionals in Human Resources and Sales Management positions at global corporations. Over his lifetime, he and his family has resided and owned properties in MA, NH, VT, and ME.

Raised in Concord, MA, John developed his early core values from helping people and organizations while leading community programs throughout his academic years.  He directed a crisis counseling center called “The Listening Post” in his late teens.

He helped to lead the merger & collaboration when integrating that non-profit into an eight-town community multi-service Center in Middlesex County.  He became employed there as 2nd in command at the age of 18.  This full-time position also situated him as a specialized counselor with incarcerated populations in a maximum-security state prison & state hospitals while juggling the full-load of courses for his college degree.

Now after three decades of building Talent Search & Consulting Firms in the Corporate world, he continues to evolve and embrace change. John remains keenly tuned-in to “Human” Resources, and matching the requirements of Corporate entities with the professional & career needs of highly talented specialists and leadership profiles. His initial values which had him listening closely to the needs of organizations, the business community, and individuals have never left his approach.

Community Interests over his lifetime:  finding better solutions to the problems most affecting American families; i.e., substance abuse/misuse; the cycles of poverty; teenage challenges with anxiety, anger, and all addictions; bullying of any sort; encouraging good health, recreation and career development.