Industries We Have Serviced

Our Consortium-Practice with its combined Candidate Networks & Experience knows many industries

We’ve worked exclusively with several private equity groups, holding companies, and other larger parent corporations for more than 20 years.

Key skills with Business Development, Due Diligence, M&A, Integration, Consolidation Accounting, High Growth Strategies, and the Sell-side Transactions are often sought. We hold decades of experienced finding strong candidates for the newly acquired site Leadership Teams (long term & interim) in Finance, Operations, Marketing & Sales. We possess longstanding networks that also help us fill management & staff levels for their Accounting & HR Departments.

We conduct searches for clients in another successful segment of the American economy - the service industries. Our diverse group of clients include international consulting firms, national health care providers, large laboratory services, and special high-tech or environmental engineering companies.

The biotech and medical product industries in New England are among the most dynamic industries for talented finance & accounting pros. They often have a fast growth nature and, a selective hiring process, which results in high caliber finance organizations. The great number of companies with offices in this region servicing these organizations offer wide career choices & a sizeable talent market. Our practice has serviced a strong base of medical product & biotech companies of all sizes who are eager to find top-performing finance professionals to fortify their talented ranks.

The Northeast has a great segment of its economy in the manufacturing sector; and our practices have always serviced industrial clients focused on finding talented finance professionals with skills related to manufacturing operations. These include smaller companies like a $10 m. consumer packaged goods producer to the larger multi-national, multi-specialty manufacturer with their HQ or plants in our region.

Utility & Energy companies create great opportunities for finance professionals seeking advancement, and they're well poised for the growth in the newest energy marketplace. Our longstanding clients have relied on us to broadcast the benefits of opportunity & their very positive stories to help them find the best choices of talent - to build their team & navigate future of growth

Each of these last 20 years the numbers of new captive entities (self-insuring subsidiaries) created by businesses has been expanding exponentially. The resulting demand is Captive Management Firms across their US offices have to hire qualified Financial Reporting Specialists. Finding talent for their consulting ranks is becoming a critical issue. PETERSON-BICS has developed one of the few specialized National Search Services to help meet this challenge.

Our seasoned recruiters have long-standing relationships with senior management from large multi-hundred million dollar retailers, wholesale and distributors. We've placed Controllers & Assistant Controllers in smaller emerging retailers and watched them experience expansive career growth as a result of the growth of their companies.

We’ve been called upon to find Financial leaders who've navigated IPO's. We've seen our IPO-clients grow from humble start-ups to thriving success stories for employees & stockholders. We’ve contributed to building their ranks with a successful team. Accounting pros with SEC reporting and others with important Finance talents.

These industries have great success stories. Several members of our consortium have loyal clients and placed many on their finance teams who’ve shared in the rewards of the industries. Several started as staff accountants or accounting supervisors and developed into the company's Controllers. Some have even become principals in the organizations. Our clients have included large commercial developers and residential builders. This can also be a dynamic economic segment and has produced much wealth with Financial Leadership.

Over the past two decades, emerging high-tech product companies have relied on our consortium members services. They've hired our referrals and offered their new employees the challenge of high-reward but high-risk employment opportunities. We’ve placed Financial Managers in sophisticated product companies, highly technical service providers, and businesses launching new concept technology to meet the demands that no one else has yet addressed.

Various businesses in this segment of our Region's economy employ a high count of specialized Government Financial Reporting Professionals. They have needs to find talent with knowledge of specific Defense contract reports and familiarity with different organizational models to answer the demands of government contract accountability. Finding expertise in these focused areas are critical in the hiring process. Members of our consortium have loyal clients here in New England and are with a history of placing DoD finance talent on those teams for decades. We work with the Finance & HR Leadership of those organizations to fill some challenging vacancies with very detailed requirements.

A strong niche of the practice has been providing services for public accounting professionals. Candidates interested in staying in public accounting can find a client firm that tracks its performers to partnership or principal roles. Perhaps, you may wish to upscale from your firm and find a larger regional, national, International practice. We can also help you find the right firm if you're looking to develop a particular specialization. Our contacts in the public accounting community are with firms of all sizes.