For Interested Recruiters: An Overview

The Consortium Approach: It’s a Marketplace to Share Services & Write More Business
It’s a free and organized collaboration, exclusively for professional practitioners in Financial Recruiting

A Talent Search & Placement Business is a model requiring a consistent and reliable network of contacts – Like other network industries, our trade is also heavily dependent on trusting business partnerships which allow us to find & bring connections together.

At its core it’s simply a convergence of Candidates and Job Order pipelines; networks built by Financial Recruiters like you who are developing new relationships every day. These individuals are working together – they’re at their desks, on their phones, or out in meetings, building stronger networks with clients and amongst themselves.

This consortium is a network and a feature of the PETERSON-BICS business model that I’d be happy to explain and introduce;

and it’s group you might want to join – at no cost.

The Model Shares the Economic Qualities of other Network-based Industries

For fun, think of us like A Railroad System – we run the tracks between the Candidates and those Companies in need of great talent It’s our relationships with each and our expertise of the hiring process that builds and maintains our railways and when we can join together our connections – our deliveries turn into placements and we can simply make more of them.

Also consider our business model with similar qualities that might be seen with an Exclusive MLS Network (Multiple Listing Service) which the Real Estate Industry uses. There are agents representing the seller and those that represent the buyer. That network can connect more sellers with buyers, it helps with more property sales, and more earnings from split fees.

This added network feature of a consortium model, allows greater advantage over your larger-scale competitors who rely often only on internal resources.

The qualities of our network allow us to collaborate & reach out to a wider marketplace of many databases with quality candidates and more numbers of company search assignments; we can access longer standing relationships more quickly, in greater numbers than we could simply as our own small entity.

We can also do it better because of our experience levels – are much greater than what’s seen on average at larger staffing agencies with their always-changing new faces. (Fortunately, we got through our rookie years and our apprenticeships in this industry. NOW its time to reap the rewards.)



FIND MORE FITTING CANDIDATES more quickly for  Job Openings at your Client Companies

INCREASE MARKET SHARE by increasing the placements your firm makes under its’ own label

FIND A NEW REVENUE STREAM from splits, increasing your overall PERSONAL INCOME

IMPROVE YOUR HORSEPOWER to compete – FILL ROSTERS QUICKER and with higher QUALITY CANDIDATES than the large staffing teams

For The Existing Small Firm or Independent Recruiter Looking for more Streams of Revenues

Our consortium is simply a unique and specialized marketplace that helps you find more pipelines of candidates and lets you tap into more search projects

It’s a resource of new contacts you can utilize for FREE – to increase your revenues. There’s no consortium transaction fees charged or royalties paid on those placements you will make with other consortium participants.

For The Employee of an agency with 5-7 Yrs in the Profession Tired of the nonsense from working for someone else Ready to Launch Their Own Practice

Its a shared services marketplace. When you build relationships with your new colleagues it can become a center of guidance for all topics. Subjects you might need in building your new successful recruiting and staffing firm. This is way for you to reach a business dream, be your own boss, have more independence, all while earning the FULL Commission portions from your hard earned efforts.

For the Experienced Practitioner At a certain point in life & wanting only Part-time or Project Income. Or not with a Finance Specialty But wanting to help a Client fill a role

This market has been organized as an economic resource to simply leverage your special and long term relationships, connections, and knowledge of Financial recruiting.

You’ll be able to offer greater help to your contacts which will make you shine in their eyes for giving them more options and you can earn some nice split fee revenue.

The Consortium is simply a Meeting Place to find Split-Business Partnerships. It’s where you’ll find other like-minded Finance Recruiters also interested in making more placements.

It’s good to keep in mind, while split business may only earn you half a fee, it can be a solution and a relationship-saver when contacts start feeling impatient

A consortium can help your Most Placeable Candidates find additional interviews for jobs through you before they get placed by someone else

It can help you find a greater pool of applicants to cull through; allowing you to show more-fitting candidates to your Important Client-Companies’ vacancies,

This also lets you manage shorter candidate-to-roster time frames and shorter search time-frames to a successful closure.

From these benefits a consortium essentially gives you more opportunity to increase your production and your revenues.

More Details &  How does this work