Over three decades of experience has shown us that good processes will consistently produce better results when building the most talented teams. Outside of our work-world we’ve watched championship dynasties built and we’ve observed them consistently beat their competition. Whether it’s in business or in sports there are common denominators when assembling a top quality organization with the best talent.

 These are the Most Common Types of Talent Recruitment Services that our firm provides:

When your Human Resources Department is already too stretched and your company still needs critical sourcing of talent

We can help your organization target and find those fitting profiles needed. Our wide reaching, long-standing networks of talent and our know-how better equip us for your task.

It’s not magic, it’s simply the depth of experience from our consortium of Principals – some working nearly four decades in their profession and in your business community. It has us better tooled than the other minimally experienced competition out there.

The Confidential Talent Search
There are times when a company
has to make a tough decision.

Our Firm is frequently used in cases where there needs to be a replacement made in a Finance Organization.

Sometimes the potential disruption from a public search would cause too great a risk – to the smooth management of your operations.

Year Round (no cost) Scouting Services for upcoming hires
Get in front of your plans for new headcount or your succession planning

These every-year events can be turned into moments of opportunity to upgrade your departments. Simply start early. Keep an open mind and have your internal stakeholders prepped to scouting the better talent before other employers grab them.

Our firm values long term relationships with our clients. We learn their hiring model, the kinds of profiles sought, the unique needs of the company culture, & the nuances of a chemistry fit for the team.

Taking advantage of these moments, preemptively working the hiring plan is how TOP OF CLASS business teams are best built; it incorporates a highly pro-active recruiting approach.

Your hiring process is important to help your company secure an acceptance from the best-targeted candidates. Sometimes it’s just little tweaks to a process that can help you find and secure the best candidates in the market …beating out all those other employers that don’t pay attention to the details.

Helping You Through Your Search Process:

We see the hiring process as a partnership between our company and yours. Like any good partnerships, clear communication and an efficient use of everyone’s time in the collaboration are key ingredients. We commit to listen closely to both the needs of the role and the goals of your organization’s process.

The hiring manager, your HR representative, and our firm’s principal need to work in unison. All three of those persons are the “project-catalysts” and they each have very key roles to a process that can help to ensure an acceptance from the best fitting talent – hopefully, that candidate who’s your number one choice on the roster. A few good ten-minute exchanges during the search process between the project-catalysts is all it usually takes to find a most efficient timeline and the best results.

With good detailed feedback on the resumes sent and an substantive exchange of everyone’s reaction after the interviews, we can save your hiring team bundles of time. The exchange allows us to better target from each data-point of your feedback, so that you don’t interview non-fits going forward. This short moment spent sharing feedback, can save hours of wasted time and expenses for your hiring team.

Below are the 3 fundamentals of an efficient process when using our recruiting firm. They’ll help accomplish your desired goal of a great hire & save your hiring team wasted hours on inappropriate interviews. They’re Best In Class methods for a successful search.

Our First Meeting & Planning

An initial dialogue between the hiring manager and our principal, & sometimes an on-site meeting will offer important clarification on your needs and search process aims. It’s an optimal way for us to become better informed about your role, the company story, and the culture.

That meeting enables you to be more compelling when we sell your organization’s opportunity. Mostly on first assignments, this step sets-up the search with much better time-saving results.

The Critical Benefits of Feedback

Feedback from the hiring team after resumes are sent & after interviews, greatly helps us to best target the most fitting candidates.

Debriefing our candidates allows us to then share with you feedback on the impressions your team is making with interviewees.

No one is perfect; it always helps to hear honest feedback and adjust as we move forward. That applies to our external recruiting Principals, internal HR, & hiring teams. It’ll help us all become better at what we do.

The Final Rounds & Closure

As we reach the final rounds &the offer stage, important dialogue and information is shared between our principal and your hiring team.

Our conversations will help minimize misunderstandings and aid in setting up proper expectations with the final candidates.

They’ll additionally clarify and counter the concerns of your candidates. Often, these are a key component to find the desired closure with your no. 1 choice.

Highlights on Our Internal Process

Recruiting – Sourcing Horsepower

Firstly, our consortium holds its strength in the numbers of Seasoned Principals who we can pull into a search, it’s what sets us apart.

And we can enlist those members of the consortium who’s niche strengths best align with your specialized vacancy – to help us source the best fitting candidates within that discipline.

The commitment to that quality of a deliverable requires more front-end work on search projects. It’s also why using our type of service can have you direct efforts to build one of the best quality Finance Teams in your region.

Candidate Screening – Reference Checks – Skill Assessments

Finding that short list of candidates for the roster which we ultimately refer – requires a greater batch of applicants to review. The larger number of sourced applicants needs to be culled and the due diligence on each candidate begins.

We meet all local candidate and teleconference with those not in proximity. We check references and administer certain skill or personality trait and assessment tests if requested.

That’s how we find that top 5-10% of the class in the candidate market who we refer forward. We understand reaching that Best In Class standard is a benchmark that needs to be met before your company will consider making an offer.

Assistance with Attaining Closure – Acceptances – On Boarding

Negotiating an acceptable compensation package is not always a smooth process; it’s often a stumble point. Having an experienced Principal who’s a 3rd party communicating base salary, bonus, equity, and special compensation topics can be very helpful to both sides.

A Seasoned Practitioner can often make these matters work more smoothly. Bring a level of experience that provides foresight to get in front of problems in a negotiation – before they ever arise. We’re often able to help find a compromise and secure the closure that both parties want to see.

We also check in regularly after an acceptance in the early stage of employment to help both parties with the on-boarding. Sometimes a little 3rd party intervention can help out with matters.

Our practice has always looked to distinguish itself as a Team Builder rather than simply a vacancy-filler.

PETERSON-BICS gears itself to specialize at helping Finance Departments and HR Departments efforts build: a higher talented teams by adding these time-proven techniques in your hiring model.